Holidays: Most Wonderful Time of the Year?…Monkey Butt Deployed #5

I love holidays. Give me any reason to celebrate. It all starts in October with Halloween. Aw man, Halloween is definitely one of my favorites. All the costumes and creativity! And  we can’t forget all the spooky horror and thriller movies.

Then we get into November. Thanksgiving is next but did the department stores not get the memo? They skip right on over to Christmas. I love Thanksgiving and the Fall season in general. The weather is a little colder, which means it’s time to break out the fall clothing! Sweaters and scarves, dark lips and neutral tones, soups and hot teas…all great things to warm the soul. Cooking and sharing a meal with family and friends who we might not get to see every day is really something special.

And just like that, you awake from the food coma and champagne haze to the beginning of the Christmas season. December. We set up our lights, decorate the tree, make hot cocoa and watch all the Christmas movies that the Hallmark and Lifetime channels have to offer, all while wearing cozy pajamas and warm fuzzy slippers.

Then comes the craziness that is Christmas shopping. Madness ensues in every mall. Servers crashing, shipping dates, credit card bills, lay away, shopping carts, lines, pushing, shoving…..most wonderful time of the year?

Then after Christmas we near the end and right around the corner, a new year awaits. January 1st. Is it just me, or is it right about now where things start getting overly emotional? I think about all that has happened and all that I have accomplished in the past year. So much has happened. Ups and downs, twists and turns, and look where I am now. Am I happy with the year I have had? Am I disappointed in myself? Did I do everything I wanted to? Probably not everything. But I am thankful for so much. New relationships, new friends, new opportunities and even new memories.

All of these special holidays and traditions mean more time with family and friends. Not to be a downer, but with each passing holiday, shit, with each passing DAY, I can’t help but feel a little blue. I guess it’s because I’m really missing you…

…But you know what? Each passing day is another one closer to seeing you. Each day is another closer to you coming home. I am so excited for the coming year and all of the holidays and traditions we will finally have together! I love you so much, now and always.

-Your Sunshine


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