A Rock.

I seemed to have hit a bit of a rock. 

It was a menacing wall I couldn’t climb or walk around.

Big and dark and a constant reminder that you’re not here. 

When did my positivity and optimism start to dwindle? 

When did I become so unwilling to fight back for my happiness and cheery way? 

You’d be so surprised. You’ve hardly seen me at this low. 

It’s a place and space I don’t frequent. 


Happiness and joy come in waves. 

Hearing your voice or seeing your face. 

That’s my happy place.

And it comes in waves.

Waves that are big and waves that are small.

And slowly these waves break down the big rock. 

They crash over this giant wall that stands between me and my own peace. 

They erode the doubt and uncertainty.

They crush my anxiety and fear.

And what am I left with? 


Sand that I manage to walk on peacefully. 

This rock was nothing but built up sand. 

I can manage.

I will be fine.

You will come home to me soon.

I will be at peace.  



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